I want my students to grow up to be good thinkers, confident and successful adults, and active, thoughtful members of society. -Leigh Cousins

This page contains a collection of my favorite learning tips and resources!
Print and keep this Revise and Edit Checklist in your binder, to help you polish your essays and papers.
These 9 Tips For Improving Your College Essay are useful for everything you write!
9 Tips For Exam Review

Don't wait until teachers give out study guides; the best students avoid stress and score higher by starting early and studying a bit every day.

Here's a printable list of tips to get you going toward terrific midterm and final exam grades!

How To Conquer Those Big Exams
Follow These Step-by-Step Tip Sheets To Shape Up Your Math Grade!

The Best Way To Do Your Math Homework (or anything that involves calculations, such as physics, chemistry, stats, etc) Use these guidelines to learn efficiently and minimize frustration.

The Math Test Round-Up Use this checklist to analyze your errors and do better on future tests.