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How to Improve Reading Comprehension (on standardized tests and for ALL reading!):

  • Don’t set a timer; your goal is to comprehend deeply, even if this is time-consuming at the beginning.
  • Read multiple times.
  • Revisit hard passages after a day or so. You will understand them better when you reread them.
  • Review and understand each wrong answer; make lemonade! (use your mistakes to learn)
  • Train yourself to read actively by making a passage map (after reading each paragraph, jot down the main idea in the margin).
  • Use a dictionary (keep an on-line dictionary open and use it as you read).
  • Experiment with various reading methods (try reading questions before you read the passages; try reading one paragraph at a time and answering those questions, then reading next paragraph).
Here's the link to the College Board's Official Practice PSAT Test.

Print it out and take it, then call me for help going through your answers and learning fast!